Themed Bridal Wear Inspiration for Your Big Day

Themed Bridal Wear Inspiration for Your Big Day

What about having unique themed wedding idea? I am sure that your wedding party will become one of the most unforgettable weddings ever for your friends and guests. If you plan to have a unique wedding party, you should plan for the bridal wear and makeup. You have to wear the appropriate costume design too. Below are several themes that you can opt for so you will have that extraordinary wedding celebration.

Themed Bridal Wear

We begin the themed bridal wear with shabby chic theme. To get this unique shabby chic nuance, the bridal wear you need to choose is the wear which is styled soft, feminine, and minimalistic. Furthermore, you emphasize your appearance with shabby chic shoes and accessories. In accordance with this, I really recommend you to decorate your wedding area with shabby chic decoration using vintage decoration. Also, you are able to balance it with more details such as wreaths and interesting candles. This idea can captivate your bridal wear.

The next unique bridal wear you can opt for is beach theme. This theme lets you feel very peaceful nuance. You are able use colorful wear which is matched with beach atmosphere. As the example, you might be able to wear blue-sea dress. Or, you can choose the wear with interesting motifs such as coral reefs, ocean fish, or the other breathtaking sea creatures. Your wedding will be more perfect if you hold it in the sunset. Take a look at the bridal wear pictures for more ideas.

The more bridal wear that is unique is rustic country style. This theme is definitely charming and glorious. In order to get this wear perfection, you can be able to start choosing the color motifs. It could be earthy tones palette. Then, the colors of bridal wear can be umbers and tans, gold and yellow, also cinnamon and celadon. Or, you can wear costume with russet and sage. This theme idea will complete if you equip it with unique room decoration.

The last bridal wear idea is oriental theme. In order to get this alluring Asian theme, you can wear Asian dress style especially Chinese styles. This theme recommends you to wear bridal wear colored in yellow and red. Additionally, you could be able to equip your wedding theme with the customs and traditions, too. Find more inspiring ideas for bridal costumes in this page. Then, fell free to tell us the ideas you get from this post.

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